"Ethics and Knowledge at Your Service"

About DataMajor

DataMajor is a tech company in Miami, Florida, founded by Peter Tucker, a graduate from Miami-Dade College.  We started as a computer repair business serving South Florida computer users.  Today, DataMajor repairs COMPUTERS (Macs & PCs), PHONES, TABLETS, and APPLE WATCHES.  In 2010, DataMajor was legally registered with the state of Florida. This organization is also registered with Miami-Dade County, Miami Gardens, and the IRS.  We welcome ethnic diversity in our business.  We treat everyone with respect and cordiality. We are a full-time operation, in a commercial building, offering services during our normal business hours. We are reliable, competent, knowledgeable, ethical, professional, and have good interpersonal skills. We may not beat every pizza tech’s rates but we offer quality services at reasonable rates.